Institut de Langue Allemande (I.L.A) est situé au centre ville Akwa-Douala au foyer protestant (Carrefour Arno / Foyer du Marin)

Appelez-nous au 696-23-55-80 ou au 699-58-85-85

Do you want to study or stay in Germany?
Take part in our intensive German courses

  • The”Institut de Langue Allemande” (Foyer de Jeunesse d’Akwa) in Douala collaborates with local German speakers to organise intensive German courses.
  • The courses address those who have a strong desire to study and/or live in Germany.
  • The classes begin in the morning from 8:00-10:30 and in the evening from 6:30-8:30pm,and prepare students to the language exams “Zertifikat Deutsch B1”, Goëthe Zertifikat B2, TestDaF.

Level A1: Required books : Menschen A1/ Tangram A1/ Themen A1 Duration: 2 months

Level A2: Required books: Menschen A2 / Tangram A2/ Themen A2 Duration: 2 months

Level B1: Required books: Menscghen B1/ Tangram Z / Themen Z Duration: 2 months.

Level B2: Required books: Erkundungen B2/ Aspekte B2 Duration: 2 months

Level C1: Required books: Erkundungen C1/ Mittelpunkt C1 Duration: 2 months

PS: To be allowed to the higher level, you must succeed an aptitude test according to the Goethe-Institute standard and you are entitled to an attestation. Fees: 105000 FCFA.


  • Library
  • Permanent student lounge with Audio-visual, video and multimedia facilities
  • In addition, there are opportunities to register at German speakers to accelerate one’s level of understanding and communication.

Registration will be take a “Foyer Protestant d’Akwa” Doula which is located next to “Foyer du Marin”, Carrefour Arno or Hotel le Lido
Tel: 243-438-240 / 696-235-580/ 699-588-585

Parrainé par l'Institut-Goethe

ILA est parrainé et soutenu par l’Institut Goethe
Créé en 1997, ILA est soutenu et parrainé par l’Institut Goethe depuis l'an 2000

Résultats aux examens

Consultez nos résultats sans concurrent aux examens de langue "Zertifikat Deutsch B1, Goethe-Zertifikat B2, Test-DaF" des 11 années antérieures (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015...) au Goethe Institut Yaoundé

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ILA est parrainé et soutenu par l’Institut Goethe
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Tél. 696-23-55-80 / 699-58-85-85


I.L.A est situé au centre ville Akwa-Douala au carrefour Arno (Foyer de jeunesse protestant)

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